Voya (f/k/a Aetna) COI Life Insurance
Voya COI Life Insurance Class Action
Case No. 16-cv-6399

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If you own a universal life insurance policy issued by Aetna (now, Voya) that was subject to a cost of insurance rate increase announced in 2016, this class action may affect your rights.


What is this lawsuit about?

This class action lawsuit is known as Hanks v. The Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York and Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company, Case No. 16-cv-6399, and it is in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. This class action lawsuit alleges that Voya (“Defendant”) breached its contracts with policyholders by unlawfully increasing its cost of insurance (“COI”) rates on specific life insurance policies issued by Aetna, which is now known as Voya. The Court has allowed this lawsuit to be a class action against Voya on behalf of a “Class,” or group of people, that could include you. If you are a member of the Class, you have to decide whether to stay in the lawsuit and be bound by any judgment in this case, or ask to be excluded and preserve any rights to sue Voya at your own expense and with your own attorney about the same legal claims asserted in this lawsuit. There is no money available now and no guarantee there ever will be. The Court has made no decision as to the merits of the Plaintiff’s legal claims or Voya’s defenses, and Voya denies Plaintiff’s claims. The Court has issued an Order indicating this case was set as a backup trial for the week of December 6, 2021 in a courtroom to be announced. Additional information, including which Courtroom the trial will be held in, will be announced on this website once determined.

Who is included?

The Class consists of all owners of universal life (including variable universal life) insurance policies issued by Aetna Life Insurance and Annuity Company, now known as Voya, that were subject to the cost of insurance increase announced in 2016.


Your Legal Rights and Options


DO NOTHING Stay in this lawsuit and await the outcome.
By doing nothing, the certification ruling means that any judgment in this case – whether favorable to Plaintiff or Voya – will bind all Class Members who do not timely elect to be excluded from the Class in the manner described below. See FAQ 8.
Get no benefits from lawsuit. Keep certain rights.
If you asked to be excluded from this lawsuit and money is later awarded, you will not be allowed to request a payment. But, you preserve any rights to sue Voya at your own expense and with your own attorney about the same legal claims asserted in this lawsuit. See FAQ 11.

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